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Yoojoo Kim김유주

    Rep. of Korea, 대한민국
    도예가, 프리랜서
    1986 Seoul National University, College of Fine Art, ceramic, M.F.A
    1984 Seoul National University, College of Fine Art, ceramic, B.F.A
    2018 IAC member’s Exhibition/Orientalia, Yingger Ceramic Museum, Yingger, Taiwan
    2018 Grand Anniversary Exhibition Contemporary Ceramic Art of the World, Marianne Heller Gallery, Heidelberg, Germany
    2017 Narrative Ode to life Pray, Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale 2017 Yeoju Special Exhibition, Yeoju, Korea
    2017 Drifting, 我在 Here I am Art Space, Dalian, China
    2016 IAC member's Exhibition/Ceramics in Architecture and Public Space, D hub, Barcelona, Spain
    2015 Multi Colored Stories: Color the Senses, Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale 2015 Yeoju Special Exhibition, Yeoju, Korea
    2014 Clay in Transcendence, Dublin Castle, Dublin, Ireland
    2014 3rd Solo Exhibition/Lyric Frame, Nook Gallery, Seoul, Korea
    2004 2nd Solo Exhibition/The Present, Gallery Raam, Seoul, Korea
    1997 1st Solo Exhibition, Insa gallery, Seoul, Korea

그릇은 한 번 깨지면 쓸 수가 없다. 깨지지 않더라도 금이 간 도자기는 다시 붙지 않는다. 이것은 사람 사이하고 똑같다. 인간이 사회적 동물이고 관계 안에서 성장하고 생존함에도 불구하고 이것-사람 사이에 관계를 맺고 소중히 하는 일은 내게 늘 어려운 숙제이고 세상에 대한 경험치가 쌓일수록 더 어려워지는 것 같다. 나의 작품은, 늘 어려운 도전처럼 느껴지는 ‘관계 맺기‘에 관한 생각과 자세를 이야기한 것으로 한 개의 결과물이라기보다 여러 가지 언어로 이야기해 본 시도의 모음이라고 할 수 있다.

A bowl can no longer be used after it is broken. Even if it is not broken, pieces of cracked pottery do not stick to each other again. This is also true of the relationships between people. Despite the fact that humans are social beings and they grow and survive in relationships, it is not easy for me to establish and cherish relationships between people. The more experience I have in the world, the more difficult it seems. My work talks about my thoughts and attitudes about “making a relationship,” which always seems to be a difficult challenge.