Past Biennale

The 4th Biennale 2007

Asia has begun to break away from passively receiving Western culture and is becoming a new cultural center. It is re-examining its rich history and traditions and developing its own distinctive and varied cultures.
On the wave of this new phenomenon, The 4th CEBIKO mainly focused on discovering the potentiality of Asian ceramic art.
The goal of The 4th CEBIKO was to demonstrate the origins of Asian ceramic culture, its history and traditions, while presenting current trends drawn from contemporary perspectives. It also provided an alternative focus on innovative ceramic art in the 21stcentury.

  • Duration : Apr. 28.(Sat) ~ May. 27.(Sun), 2007
  • Venue : Icheon World Ceramic Center, Gwangju Joseon Royal Kiln Museum, Yeoju World Ceramic Livingware Gallery
  • Theme : Reshaping Asia
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Exhibition Program
  • Main Exhibition
    • - International Competition 2007
    • - Crossroads of Ceramics
    • - World Contemporary Ceramics
    • - Ceramic House III
  • Special Exhibition
    • - Vessels for Meditation
    • - The 2th Beautiful Korean Ceramics Competition
Symposium / Workshop
  • - International Ceramic Forum
Collateral Events
  • - Clay Festival
  • - Fringe Festival
  • - 21st Icheon Ceramics Festival
  • - 19th Yeoju Ceramics Festival
  • - 10th Gwangju Royal Ceramics Festival
  • - Performances, Markets