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KICB Residency Program


Sundaymorning@ekwc is an internationally renowned ceramic workshop and knowledge centre where visual artists, designers, architects and other creative professionals can explore the artistic possibilities of ceramics. This is realised in three ways: through the artist-in-residency, the centre-of-excellence and the FabLab. The centre is open for public, higher education and commerce.

  • Main Programs : Exhibitions, Workshops, Other projects, etc
  • Homepage :
  • Location : Almijstraat 10 5061 PA Oisterwijk, The Netherlands
Special : Artist-in-Residence program associated with KICB2019

In partnership with the Korea Ceramic Foundation (KOCEF), Sundaymorning@ekwc offers a Korean artists among artists selected at the International Competition of KICB2019 an opportunity to participate in its residency program.

  • Participating Artists : Alexandra Engelfriet(Netherland)
  • Duration : Sep. 22.(Sun) ~ Oct. 13.(Sun), 2019
  • Venue : Open Studio, Cerapia, Icheon
  • Paid by Host: Round-trip airline ticket, Artist-in-Residency at sundaymorning@ekwc; housing and studio, etc.
Regular Programs
Regular Artist-in-Residence Programs

As an artist-in-residency sundaymorning@ekwc accommodates sixteen participants at a time who can experiment with ceramics during a 12 week work period. During this time, workshops, a studio, a guestroom and the advice of our expert staff are at their disposal. Participants are visual artists, designers and architects, over 75% of whom have not worked with ceramics before. Residents come from all over the world, their age ranges between 25 and 65 years.


Simultaneously, sundaymorning@ekwc acts as a research centre; a centre-of-excellence. The centre’s experts document everything that is being discovered, invented and created at the institute. Through exhibitions, lectures, publications the centre valorises the results from the artist-in-residence programme.
Residencies are 12 weeks. They can start any Thursday. Once a year one can apply. Every year we receive hundreds of applications. Workplan, impact and diversity play important roles during the selection process.

  • Duration : 12 weeks
  • Paid by Host : € 10.600,-
  • Paid by Artist : € 6.420, includes deposit materials and firing.
  • Application Guidelines :
Exhibition Programs

On the 4th of December 1969, the Ceramic Workcentre in Heusden was founded. In the past 50 years, the centre has grown into a leading residency and workshop. The centre is open to experiment and innovation and is, thanks to the specialized facilities and knowledgeable staff, an ideal workplace for artists, designers and architects. The sharing of knowledge, experience, ovens, energy and friendship makes Sundaymorning@ekwc a memorable experience for anyone who came in contact with it. In 2019 our 50-year anniversary will be celebrated with a variety of exhibitions and activities.

  • Design Museum Den Bosch
    - Date : Mar. 9. 2019~
    - Exhibition concept by Glenn Adamson, with replicas from the history of EKWC. Accompanied by a publication, published by nai/010
  • Municipal Museum The Hague
    - Date : Mar. 22. 2019~
    - Artists : Gijs Assman, Helen Frik, Thijs Jaeger, Maartje Kostanje, Jennifer Tee, Koen Taselaar and Dick Verdult. 
  • Taoxichuan, Jingdezhen, China   
    - Date : Apr. 20. 2019~
    - Artists : Attua Aparicio (ES), Erika Emiren (SW), Lawrence Epps (GB), Frans Franciscus (NL), Jessica Harrison (GB), Lena Kaapke (KDE), Priya Sundaravalli (IN) Andrea Rodriguez (CL) and Koen Taselaar (NL)
    - Nine alumni follow a residency on the occasion of the 50 year anniversary at Jingdezhen International Studio. The results are presented in an exhibition that travels through China.
  • Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam
    - Date : Aug. 2. 2019~
    - Artists : Frans Franciscus Kim Habers, Henri Jacobs, Daniel Maalman, Suzanne Posthumus, Koen Taselaar and Marjolein de Wit.
  • Amsterdam Art Weekend 
    - Date : Nov. 2019~
    - Curator : Francis Boeske
  • Museum De Pont, Tilburg
    - Date : Nov. 30. 2019~
    - Artists : Prangenberg&Karstiess&Brehm
  • Golden Week, Oisterwijk
    - Date : Dec. 2019~
Facility Information
Studio Facilities

Sundaymorning@ekwc is 24 hours open. The facilities are sufficient. Participants can play the piano or take a walk in the National Park.

Technical Information

Kilns up to 230 cm x 120 cm x 120 cm. Glaze workshop, spraybooth, metal and wood workshops, plasterworkshop, fablab with 3d printers, milling machine and foamcutter.

Accommodation Information

All participants will have their own 1 guestroom.