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KICB Residency Program

Clayarch Gimhae Museum

Clayarch Gimhae Museum is both a hub and a bridge. In other words, it is a place where the traditional meets the contemporary, fine art interacts with applied art and ceramic art, and ceramics gives and takes inspiration with architecture. As is happening here, the most salient feature of contemporary art today is the blurring of boundaries between genres, which means that art is created by assembling disparate elements. Clayarch Gimhae Museum hosts exhibitions about very contemporary and innovative themes, which are quite appealing to both the audience and artists alike. Set in a place of historical significance, Clayarch Gimhae Museum has great potential and is very important in that it represents regional reinterpretation of the traditions of a potters’ village and the culture of the ancient Gaya Kingdom in ways that suit the modern lifestyle.

Ceramic Creative Center (CCC)
The CCC of Clayarch Gimhae Museum fully supports programs that bring together artists of different nationalities working on different genres to share ideas, master new skills and techniques, and create experimental artworks. It also encourages participating artists to build their own network in search of sustainable and creative evolution of architectural ceramics and other fields of ceramics through fusion with other genres of art.
The CCC runs programs associated with exhibitions, symposiums, education, international exchange, and architectural ceramics projects arranged by Clayarch Gimhae Museum. The CCC aspires to establish itself as a forum of communication where artists, curators, art critics, and the audience can interact and share views on culture, the environment, and architectural ceramics freely through its programs such as the open studio, artists’ research seminar, hands-on educational programs, and architectural ceramics projects.

  • Main Programs : Studio Residency Program, Workshop, Seminar, Exhibitions
  • Homepage :
  • Location : 275-51, Jillye-ro, Jillye-myeon, Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, South, Korea
Special: Artist-in-Residence program associated with KICB2019

In partnership with the Korea Ceramic Foundation (KOCEF), Clayarch Gimhae Museum offers a few foreign artists among artists selected at the International Competition of KICB2019 an opportunity to participate in its residency program.

  • Participating Artists : Tetsuya Tanaka(Japan), Alexandre Cealac(France), Michael Flynn(Ireland)
  • Duration
    - 1st Session(Tetsuya Tanaka(Japan), Alexandre Cealac) : Jul. 15.(Mon) ~ Aug. 25.(Sun)
    - 2nd Session(Michael Flynn) : Oct. 14.(Mon) ~ Nov. 30.(Sat)
  • Venue : Residency of Clayarch Gimhae Museum
  • Paid by Host : Travel (flights and visa), accommodations, studio support, materials and firing, exhibition of artworks produced during the residency
KICB2019 & The Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park & Clayarch Gimhae Museum
  • Participating Artists: Nao Hara(Japan), Sayaka Oishi(Japan), Aeyoung Kim(Rep. of Korea)
  • Duration & Venue
    Artist Duration Venue
    1st Session Nao Hara Sep. 10.(Tue) ~ Sep. 26.(Thu), 2019 Clayarch Gimhae Museum, Korea
    Sayaka Oishi Sep. 1.(Sun) ~ Sep. 26.(Thu), 2019 Clayarch Gimhae Museum, Korea
    2nd Session Nao Hara Sep. 27.(Fri) ~ Oct. 20.(Sun), 2019 Clayarch Gimhae Museum, Korea
    Sayaka Oishi Sep. 27.(Fri) ~ Oct. 20.(Sun), 2019 Clayarch Gimhae Museum, Korea
    3rd Session Aeyoung Kim Sep. 7.(Sat) ~ Oct. 6.(Sun), 2019 The Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park
    During Selection - -
  • Paid by Host: Travel (flights and visa), accommodations, studio support, materials and firing, exhibition of artworks produced during the residency
Regular Programs
Regular Artist-in-Residence Programs
  • Duration
    - Asian Winter Ceramics Camp : Jan. 7.(Mon) ~ Feb. 17.(Sun), 2019
    - 1st Session of Young Artists-in-residence : Mar. 1.(Fri) ~ Jun. 30.(Sun), 2019
    - Summer International Ceramics Workshop : Jul. 10.(Wed) ~ Aug. 23.(Fri), 2019
    - 2nd Session of Young Artists-in-residence : Sep. 1.(Sun) ~ Dec. 31.(Tue), 2019
    - Program for Visiting Artists : One month to be determined between March and December
  • Paid by Host
    - Asian Winter Ceramics Camp : Accommodations, studio support, materials and firing, meals, exhibition of artworks produced during the residency
    - 1st Session of Young Artists-in-Residence : Accommodations, studio support, art critics, tour, open studio, exhibition of artworks produced during the residency(₩500,000 allowance for an artist)
    - Summer International Ceramics Workshop : Travel(flights and visa), accommodations, studio support, materials and firing, meals, exhibition of artworks produced during the residency(amount of allowance to be determined)
    - 2nd Session of Young Artists-in-Residence : Accommodations, studio support, art critics, tour, open studio, exhibition(₩500,000 allowance for an artist)
    - Program for Visiting Artists : Travel(flights and visa), accommodations, studio support, materials and firing, lecturer’s fee(an artist will receive a fee for giving a lecture at the symposium.)
  • Paid by Artist:
    - Asian Winter Ceramics Camp : Additional personal expenses
    - 1st Session of Young Artists-in-Residence : ₩100,000 per month, materials and firing, personal expenses, travel(flights and visa)
    - Summer International Ceramics Workshop : Personal expenses, works to be donated
    - 2nd Session of Young Artists-in-Residence : ₩100,000 per month, materials and firing, personal expenses, travel(flights and visa)
    - Program for Visiting Artists : personal expenses, works to be donated
  • Application Guidelines : Young artists
    - Application period : there are two intakes each year – May or December.(Announcement of results : June or January) 
    - See our website for further information.(
  • Other Programs : Culture & tour, Matching with Art Critics, Exhibition of works by residency artists, Open studio, Exhibitions with Local Creativity Studios
  • Language : Korean, English
Exhibitions Program

Clayarch Gimhae Museum hosts permanent and special exhibitions.

  • Special Exhibition at Dome House : Special exhibitions are held biannually at the Dome House, the main gallery of Clayarch Gimhae Museum. Works by Korean and foreign artists working in diverse genres including ceramics, architecture, sculpture, and installation using ceramics and clay as materials, or architectural ceramics are presented. The special exhibitions aspire to open a new horizon by pushing the boundaries of ceramic art and pursuing fusion with different genres.
  • Ceramics Rookies : The Ceramics Rookies annual exhibition started in 2010. It supports solo exhibitions for young Korean artists. The artist selected in any year receives support such as shipping and materials free of charge, and a cash allowance.
  • Works by Young Residency Artists:This special exhibition takes place biannually, during the first half and the second half of the year. Works produced during the residency are shown. A certain amount of cash is provided to any artist whose work is shown at the exhibition. Curators of national and public museums and art critics are invited to the exhibition, and artists are matched with critics.
  • Special Exhibition at Cubic House : Cubic House was designed specifically to introduce works of diverse genres of art. Not only ceramics but works of photography, sculpture, installation, and media art are presented. Cubic House hosts about seven exhibitions a year.
Educational Programs

Clayarch Gimhae Museum runs a variety of educational programs based on its exhibits and collection for preschoolers, children, teenagers, adults, the elderly, and the disabled. Programs associated with the exhibition are arranged to help the visitors more easily understand and appreciate artwork. The hands-on program “Art – Kitchen” features tiles to help the visitors better understand architectural ceramics. To raise the public’s interest in ceramics, the Museum operates the Clay Academy for hands-on activities open to the public all year round.

  • Educational Programs Associated with Exhibition : Based on special exhibitions arranged by the Museum, the Museum offers programs that help visitors enjoy exhibitions more easily through viewing and hands-on activities.
  • Educational Programs for Creative Art : The Museum offers programs for creative art activities such as “Art-Kitchen” and “Art Playground with Artists” to help visitors learn more about art and culture and to expand the base for visual art.
  • Educational Programs in Partnership with Schools : The Museum offers programs arranged for specific groups of students in consideration of their age and level of learning.
  • Educational Programs for Socially Disadvantaged Groups : The Museum offers a cultural program for the disabled, multicultural families, and migrant women to give them more opportunities to enjoy art and culture.
  • Educational Programs in Partnership with Public Organizations : In partnership with the Office of Education and art and culture organizations, the Museum offers a diversity of mid and long term experimental programs.
  • Hands-on Ceramics Activities Program : In this program, participants learn about pottery making technique and experience clay while having the joy of creating their own ceramic artworks.
Museum Facilities

Clayarch Gimhae Museum includes the Dome House and the Cubic House for exhibitions; the Ceramic Creative Center for artist-in-residence programs; the Clay Academy for hands-on pottery making; Art-Kitchen for hands-on creation of mini-tile mosaics; and Clayarch Tower, the iconic structure of the Museum. Occupying a total area of nearly 11,814.39 square meters, the museum has facilities for visitor amenities and programs such as exhibitions, classes, symposiums, and cultural events.

The striking exterior of the museum is a huge ceramic work of 5,000 tiles called Fired Painting. It is listed as the first ceramic work of the museum collection. The glass dome in the Central Hall of the Dome House underscores the mission of the Museum as an open space that facilitates dialogue with the audience. The stone slabs that lead from the museum entrance to the promenade are well suited to the rounded Dome House and the hexahedral Cubic House, greatly accentuating the overall aesthetics of the Museum. These stone slabs were once part of an ancient palace in China. Following the opening of the Dome House on March 24, 2006, the Cubic House opened on March 24, 2012. It houses three galleries, a children’s studio workshop, the Terra-studio, and an A/V room. It also features large picture windows that command a panoramic view of the museum grounds. The Cubic House hosts exhibitions of various genres, educational programs for children and adults, symposiums, lectures, and cultural events.

Studio Facility Information

The facilities at Ceramic Creative Center include kilns; the wood and metal workshop; the plaster and mold making room; glaze making, spray, dip, and drying facilities; and other facilities for a wide range of experiments, research, and production of works. The Ceramic Creative Center has a 4-lube gas kiln for large artworks taller than two meters, a 2-lube gas kiln, and three electric kilns of different sizes. The 3rd floor features a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside and has guest rooms for artists and a multi-purpose room for seminars and presentations of works by artists.

① Plottage : 41,952㎡ including the Museum
② Floor space : 2,281㎡ – first basement at 170㎡, first floor at 957㎡, second floor at 567㎡, third floor at 586㎡
③ Major facilities : Studio 1 & 2, kiln and glazing room, laboratory, wood and metal workshop, plaster model and mould making room
④ Other facilities : Concierge for artists, 13 guest rooms (10 single rooms, 3 double rooms), cafeteria, storage, parking lot, etc.

Kiln information

- Gas Kilns : one 0.8-lube, one 2-lube, one 4-lube
- Electric Kilns : one 0.056-lube, one 0.2-lube, one 0.5-lube

Accommodation information

There are ten single rooms and three double rooms. Each room has a shower booth, toilet, sink, refrigerator and a desk, and bedding is provided.