Community Project

Opportunity to explore diverse possibilities for developing ceramics through a forum for foreign artists visiting Korea during the Biennale, experts from Korea and overseas, and students where they can share knowledge and culture.
Sharing knowledge and technical know-how in professional activities, this forum will feature constructive discussion and build a stronger global network through exchange and communication.

  • Eligibility : Dankook University, National University of Cultural Heritage, KAIST, Sangmyung University
  • Dates
    • - Dankook University : Special lecture by Tip Toland(October 1 (Tuesday) – October 2 (Wednesday))
    • - National University of Cultural Heritage : Special lecture by Elke Sada(October 1 (Tuesday)) / Special lecture by Matt Kelleher(October 4 (Friday))
    • - KAIST : Special lecture by Nao Matsunaga(October 10 (Thursday)) / Special lecture by Beatrijs Van Rheeden(October 11 (Friday))
    • - Sangmyung University : Special lecture by Fangyi Chu(October 8 (Tuesday))